Our Trip to Kidspace Children's Museum

Children's Museums, like Kidspace, help create future doctors, artists and astronauts, so encourage your kids to explore and get dirty, they can always take a bath when they get home.

When Present's Day rolled around and the eldest was blessed with a day off of school, we loaded up the car and took a day trip to Kidspace Children's Museum located Pasadena California. This local gem is full of STEM activities (my favorite) and while it's not a new destination for SoCal residents, it continues to grow and evolve into the perfect educational destination

Kidspace Children's Museum is easily the best destination for your kids in the Los Angeles area! If you're looking for a fun day and educational day trip, look no further!

What Do I Need to Know?

Address: 480 North Arroyo Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91103

Hours: Open weekdays 9:30am to 5:00pm and Weekends 10:00am to 5:00pm (Check the website for holiday closures.)

Cost: Adults and Kids are $14.95 and Seniors are $12.95. They offer several discounts (including Military and AAA Members) so again check their website to see if you qualify.

Restrictions: No dogs allowed (sorry!), no smoking and no leaving your kid unsupervised at the museum.

At The Blue Foam Builders Yard!

Why Choose Kidspace?

Curious kids love Kidspace Children's Museum and it just so happens that most, if not all, kids are curious! (I know for a fact mine are almost annoyingly curious!) Seriously though, I'm constantly looking for day trips which encourage my kids to ask more questions. The museum is very hands on, so expect your kid to get involved and learn by playing, experiencing and observing.

Kidspace is a Children's museum located near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena California. The location is great with easy freeway access. Do plan your day around the traffic, though. Let's not get crazy, Southern California residents, expect some traffic especially if you plan to leave at 5pm when the museum closes.

At The Musical Instrument Yard

What is it?

Children's Museums are designed to encourage learning through play and, believe me, Kidspace is packed with play! Founded in 1979, the original location hosted Southern California kids for over twenty years before moving to its current location in 2004. Kidspace is a legacy of love and it shows in every aspect! From learning about bugs, to exploring nature to building a bright blue fort, there's something for every kid! Museum Memberships are available so be sure to ask when you visit if you enjoy those special perks that come from being a member!

What Can I Expect?

Expect a ton of fun and education crammed into a single day trip. There's so much to do and see this blog post would never end! Instead check out this fun video our trip to get a glimpse of just some of museum experiences!

Do I Have Any Tips? (Of Course I do!)

Expect a full day of play and learning. While you CAN spend less than an hour there, why on earth would you? There's so much to see and do I'd plan AT LEAST a 3 hour visit to get the most out of your admission.

Much of the museum is outdoors, so plan accordingly. And remember, the southern California sun can burn! So bring sunscreen, hats and glasses! 

If it's a nice day, bring either a change of clothes or have your kid wear a bathing suit underneath their clothes so they can enjoy the outdoor lagoons. (Don't worry, the lagoons are only ankle deep and there is a lifeguard on duty.)

The Kidspace website claims the museum is for kids ages 1-10. While I've visited the museum with a one year old, it was a much more fun and exiting day with my 3 and 5 year old's. I wouldn't bring my one year old if they weren't steady on their feet yet.

Prepare your kids in advance. Listen, I have a 3 year old who runs when he gets excited. Before our trip I prepared my 5 year old with the knowledge that we may have to drop what we're doing and run with the 3 year old at any given time. She loved the idea and even made a game of it any time we had to sprint after the little one.

Prepare yourself. Know that the museum is adventure and excitement overload at times and your kid will experience their emotions to an extreme. It may seem chaotic at time, but really try to embrace the chaos and encourage your kids to take in as much as they can.

Bring along travel buddies! The only thing better than visiting Kidspace is visiting Kidspace with friends. 

With Our Travel Buddies!

Are There Food Options?

Kidspace hosts Bean Sprouts Cafe, a fun and original cafe dedicated to providing healthy food options in a fun and whimsical presentation. You are also able to pack a lunch and eat on site for a more cost efficient option. Be prepared to catch a food truck in front of the museum from time to time! On our visit, we were greeted by a fantastic shaved ice truck!

Are There Special Events?

 Kidspace regularly hosts special events, including Family Free Nights! In fact, our visit included and artistic edge completed with art stations, take home portfolios and an origami folding station (which my 5 year old loved!) Check their Website for more information or follow them on Facebook to get regular event updates.

And speaking of Family Free Nights, the first Tuesday of every month is FREE for families between 4 and 8pm (Hours are extended during these events.) Which means the museum is hosting a Family Free night this week on March 3rd!

With My Travel Mom Buddy!

My Final Thoughts?

I love any Children's Museum that sparks creativity and imagination  and Kidspace does that and more! It's well worth a trip if you're local to Southern California and want to give your kids a fun and educational experience. Be sure to spend a good amount of time in each area in order to get the full experience. And moms, yes you will be exhausted by the end of your whirlwind trip but try to enjoy it! Children's Museums, like Kidspace, help create future doctors, artists and astronauts, so encourage your kids to explore and get dirty, they can always take a bath when they get home.

If you've already visited the Kidspace and are looking for something different, check out my review of The Discovery Cube 💙

Until next time!

Julianne Haness is a stay at home mom, artist and blogger based in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Follow her on Instagram for daily musings about mom life, Disney life and creative life.


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