And it Begins...

03/30/14 - It's official! We're going to be parents this fall. Whew, that's a bit scary to admit. Until now, our closest thing to a child has been our dog, Gurley, AKA Gurshi Mo, AKA Mo Dawg...and I've yet to figure out if she will be happy or pissed about the new addition this November. Until this point, she has nailed being an only child, as evidenced below:  photo d51906eb-b993-4843-bfc5-8461693948bb.jpg

Either way, we're thrilled to have been given this amazing gift of a baby! At 8 weeks along, I'm told it is the size of a Kidney Bean. So naturally, right now I'm lost in day dreams of a Kidney Bean Baby with my eyes, its daddy's curly hair and adorable olive skin (yes, somehow the two palest people on the planet create a tan little offspring, just go with it.) Either way, I don't think we can go wrong, we were pretty cute babies.


 photo m2.jpg


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While I know the baby will be the perfect combination of the two of us, my real hopes spring deeper than looks. I hope it will have my artistic ability and appreciate the beauty all around. I hope it's as smart as, or smarter, than Jarod. I hope it feels love from both its parents, its grandparents and all who surround it every day of its life. I hope its healthy and happy on its birthday, in a 10 fingers, 10 toes and all smiles, kind of way. I hope as it grows and learns from us, we take the time to grow and learn from it. Most of all, I hope it loves to laugh as much as its Mommy and Daddy do! This is a new world for us, so check in often. I'll be posting ultrasound updates, belly bump pictures, nursery designing and more!


  1. Love love love. I'm excited to join in on your journey July & Jarod! Congrats guys!! <3


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