A Poem for Every Mother

Let me be clear, my 3 month old daughter is the most perfect being on this planet. Not only is she beautiful, but she's packed with giggles, smiles and snuggles. I am head over heals in love with her and could not have asked for more in any way, shape or form.

That being said, she drove me nuts a few weeks ago for a 3 week period with her absolute REFUSAL to nap during the day. Each nap, a mere five minutes after laying her down, her sweet eyes would pop open. Panic would immediately set in and a forceful cry/scream would follow. In the early morning, I may have been able to help her back to sleep, but wishing for a nap past 2 pm was a fools errand. By then she was overly tired and cranky. Her nerves would not allow her to settle until at least 9 pm.

So anyway, during this period, I had several melt downs. I love my baby, I do my best to make her happy, rested and fed and she yet was still tired and miserable. One day, in a fit of tears and exhaustion, I called my friend Trisha to vent.

A few days ago, Trisha gave me this beautiful poem. It perfectly captured my struggle and my love for River. Needless to say it brought a tear to my eye (happy) and is now hanging on the wall in a super cute frame.

But this is not only my struggle, so I thought I'd share :)

She looks up at her mother with a sweet smiling face
Feeling calm and secure in her mother's embrace

Her embrace gently puts her to sleep
The mother desperately hopes it will keep

As she walks away and gently closes the door
The sweet baby cries out to be held once more

Please sweet baby don't cry, your mother is here
The poor mother cries filled with worry and fear

She wants so badly for her baby to rest
All the baby wants is to cuddle on her mother's chest

There will come a day as this sweet baby grows
That you will looks back and miss holding her so close

Days that seem so hard, become days you would never replace
Where you sat with your baby girl looking at her sweet, silly face

She looks up at her mother and smiles again
The mother's heart begins to calm, knowing she's doing all she can

With my fingers crossed as she naps now,



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