A Brand New Babe

My Dear Baby,

You are 5 months old.

I've been your mommy since day one. I've clothed, bathed you, fed you, cuddled you and watched you grow. As far as newborns go, despite a talent for projectile spitting up and a napping affliction, you were a dream. You were snugly and squeaky, stinky and tiny, content and beautiful. I will never forget those first few months I spent with you. Learning with you and about you.

But now those day are gone.

Today, I packed up all you newborn, 0 month and 3 months clothes. (And at the rate you're going,  6 month isn't far behind.) You'll never be that small again, never wear those clothes. Somehow, while I was busy doing your laundry, celebrating holidays and weddings, and enjoying every newborn moment with you, you grew into a whole new babe.  How is that possible?

Instead of a helpless newborn, I now am mother to a curious baby. Strong willed and determined, you have morphed into a sassy little lady who grows a little more each day. And with each day I notice your hand slipping away from mine. Sure you'll be holding it for years to come, but for the first time your grasp is a little less tight.

This is both exciting and scary for me.

Gone is the baby who turned a tomato red the second I lift you out of the bath tub. Now you relish in your bath, take your time and giggle as I wrap a towel around your little body. 

Gone is the baby who needed me to rock her to sleep for 30 minutes each nap. Now you fall asleep so easily on your own. 

Gone is the baby who slept so bundled by my side for the first four months of her life.  Now you're an independent sleeper, in your crib, in your room. 

Gone are those newborn snuggles I cherished so much. In fact, I snapped a photo of you snuggling on your Daddy's chest on Christmas morning.  That documents the last time and you were only 8 weeks old.  I captured that moment in hopes to remember your first Christmas,  instead I captured one of your last newborn moments.  

I hesitate to wake each morning for fear another moment will slip through my fingers again, but this mentality won't work in this life of ours. You will continue to grow, and learn, and surprise me everyday.  And I will continue to be inspired by your every moment and your every last moment.
Sigh. I know I'm making a mountain out of 5 months, but you just watch, girl, soon I'll be snapping that last moment before you drive of to college. 

Stay with me, baby, just a little longer. 



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