Dear R - On this Mother's Day

Dear Baby, 

This is my first mother's day as your mommy. For the last six months, you have graced me with your diapers, your cries, your smiles and your cuddles. Thank you, baby. You have changed my life and enriched my soul. I only hope to spend the rest of my life fulfilling yours as much as you have mine.

But don't start thinking this day is about you, because it's not. It's not even about me, really. It's about all the amazing women that came before you. They loved, and laughed, and created lives that would lead to the creation of yours. And today, sweet baby, you should give thanks that they found a way in this world that led to you. 

I'll start first with your Grandma Z. She is the woman who brought me into this world and shaped me into who I am today. I can never repay that debt. She is a beautiful, funny and strong woman. You'll notice, as you grow older, that she has a spark about her. (Especially when she laughs!) She's living in the moment and enjoying life every chance she gets. I see a little of that spark in you already when you smile. Keep that lust for life, baby girl, don't let the world steal it from you!

Grandma Z and Mommy- 3 Months

Your Grandma H is a loving, thoughtful and careful soul. She brought your father into the world, by a just a thread, and raised him to be the smart, witty and caring daddy he is today. She finds beauty in memories and lives to care for others. As you grow, I hope you learn to pay attention to others more than yourself, just like her.

Grandma H and Daddy - 7 Months 

About a month before you were born, your Great Grandma H passed away. She was a beautiful, smart and funny woman who would never take shit from anyone (oooops, Mommy cussed)... and she just couldn't wait to meet you! You already know you get your blue eyes from Mommy, but you also get a little from her as well. I am hoping, with a little luck, you get some of her sass too ;)

And there are too many women before you to list! Your Great Grandma C and Great Grandma M embody the endurance and forgiveness I hope to see in you. I hope you have the same strength your Great Grandma F found every day. I hope you have a deep, caring soul like you Great Grandma G. 

These women worked, loved and fought their way through this world and now you are here. You carry a piece of each of these women with you, don't ever forget that.Take pride in who you are, where you came from and the beauty you contribute to this world every day.

Happy Mother's Day to all R's Grandmas, Great Grandmas and to all the women who have brought a little crying piece of themselves into the world!




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