So.... You're Going to Get a Sibling!

Dear R,

Life is good.

I'm sorry, what I mean is-- Your life is good.

You are the center of my world. The apple of your daddy's eye. And Gurley's only somewhat tolerable pest.

You have your own toys, your own (endless) selection of clothing, your choice of cuisine every night and your very own tortoise in the back yard to point at, feed, shout at etc. You have your run of the day. We do what you want to do whenever you want to do it. You wake up in the morning at shout "Mom!" shout "Dad!" shout "Gurley!" and we come- smiling- milk sippy cup in hand, catering to your every need from the moment you wake. We watch "Elsa" when you want, We watch "Mermaid" when you want. We enjoy evening walks together, just mommy and (not so little) baby.

You are bathed in kisses and hugs throughout the day and you return those in kind with giggles and your own booger-y kisses.

You, my dear, have it made.

And, with any luck, your life will never change.

Well, kid, I hate to break it to you, but on June 8th mommy got a positive pregnancy test.

What does this mean?

Well, for mommy, it means 9 (ish) months of pregnancy. Just like I did for you, I will carry your sibling inside me,  until I am a swollen stuffed sausage, ready to pop with the next sneeze. 

Especially in the 3rd trimester, sleep with be sparse. Mommy will be uncomfortable literally all the time. I will be hungry but food will be unappealing. I will be anxious for the baby to come, but hesitant because of all the changes it will bring. 

But most of all, I will be filled with love. Love for you, my first born, love for your daddy, my rock, and love for your new baby brother or sister. It's an exciting time!

What does this mean for you? 

A lot. It means a lot. 

It means you'll have a belly to compete with for attention. You're used to all the looks, all of the words and all of the love. And while it may be shocking and difficult at first, remember that even though this means mommy is going to love another child, it doesn't mean I'll love you any less. And it also means you have another person to love too! 

You get to join the super selective and awesome club for "big sisters." (And guess what? Mommy is a part of that club too!)

In all your years, you've learned so much and now you have someone to share all this with. You get to share your love of books, your obsession with Disney music, your love/hate relationship with coloring, those silly games that you made up (Cin-Na-MAAA!), and all of your toys! Lucky you!

Because before you came along, R, Mommy and Daddy's world was organized, clean, faaaaar less sleepy and so much more quiet. But, you know, even with all your tornado of a personality, we both wouldn't go back to before, not even for a minute. And I really get the feeling that you're going to feel the same way (if not in the beginning, then eventually.) Your life was yours and now it will be shared. All the games, all the giggles and even your blow up kiddie pool in the back yard. You get to enjoy all those moments with a best friend who will be there, with you, for the rest of your life! It's pretty cool if you think about it.

You're going to be a great big sister! You already love carrying around your baby dolls in a swaddle, gently "sshhhhh-ing" them to sleep. What more could there be to being a great big sister?

You'll see!

Love you with all my heart,



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