To My Second Little Love

My Dearest D,

You are almost here.

And I am so ready to meet you, little man, so very ready. Your room is waiting for you. Your sister is waiting for you. Your mommy and daddy are anxiously awaiting you. My feet, ankles and face have swelled to the point I can hardly recognize them. We are ready for you.

But you'll get here when your ready, I know.

Just before your sister was born, I wrote her a letter gushing in anticipation, love and sappiness. She answered by giving us nearly two and a half years of sweet hugs, giggles and memories. And now, that our family is comfortable, you're about to burst into and pop our easy going little bubble.

I'm not going to lie, this isn't my first go round. I know what to expect--which is basically anything. I know what not to expect, which is anything that might make it a bit easier. My head is less in the clouds this round, knowing I'll be knee deep in diapies soon enough.

As the second child, you may feel slighted from time to time. Your sister has established herself as a hurricane in this house and you may feel like a light shower in comparison. If ever you start to feel this way, know that we have waited for you since the day we knew we wanted a family.

Without you, our family was incomplete.

Without you, we have existed. The three of us laughing, sharing, loving-- but now, with you, we are whole. You are the final piece, fitting so perfectly in your little place. You will make yourself known with your smile, your giggles and your little personality, just as your sister did. You will love the same songs Daddy does, or draw the way Mommy does, or even enjoy the same movies your sister does. You will have your own presence and your own jokes. You will laugh in your own moments and love in your own ways. I can't wait to meet the baby, then boy, then man you will become. My breath is taken imagining the life that's just beginning.

But for now, please just come and complete our little house, our "everybody hugs" (as your sister calls them), our little perfect world.

So, soon you'll be in my arms and in that moment you'll be the only thing in my world. I'll see your eyes, your flushed cheeks and your face (that I assume is also a clone of your daddy's). I'll feel your warmth against mine and hold your tiny fingers. And I'll wonder what life was ever like without you.

Until then, my little man, we are waiting for you.

I love you more than these words can express,



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