A Quick Thank You to my Second Born

Dear D,

My entire life, I've heard stories of my colic as a baby.

"You cried non-stop for the first 6 months of your life."

"The only way to get you to stop crying, was to put you in the car seat on top of the running clothes dryer."

And so forth.

So naturally, I feared your temperament may mirror that of your mom's.

Then you were born and your face bore more resemblance to me than your sister's ever did.

And I feared the colic even more.

You hated the hospital and it took some time to adjust to being home and now you've been here for nearly 3 weeks.

You're actually pretty chill. Go figure.

Don't get me wrong. You still HATE getting a diaper change and pooping is a serious daily event for you. Plus, you seem to want to cluster feed every evening regardless of the dinner Mommy has to make or the bedtime routine your sister has become so accustomed to.

But even with all that, you're pretty chill.

Let me put things into perspective. Your sister, who was a pretty easy baby, did not let me put her down for a very emotional 3 months. You on the other hand, will happily sleep anywhere I set you, so long as I let you start your nap on my chest.

But what truly shocks me, is that you'll let me set you down when you're awake.

Say what?

Like, the other day, you sat in your bouncer for nearly an hour while your crazy sister and I danced around you treating you to choice selections from the Moana soundtrack several times over.

I know your temperament may change as you grow, but for now I'd like to say thank you! I don't know if you are actually more chill, or if you're more chill because with a crazy sister like yours, you kind of have to be, or if my skin has thickened since my first go round.

Probably a combination of all three.

Love you sweet boy, you're killing this whole "baby" thing!




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