Forky Art Project

We're Disney lovers in this house. Unapologetic, obsessive and Disney inspired, we often like to create our own versions of Disney magic!  Here's a fun Forky project which explored negative space or how we can create artwork by not drawing or painting in a particular area! (And in this case Pixar magic!)

When your kiddo inevitably asks what the heck you're talking about? Tell them negative space is area between, within and around an image. In this case, we're using the space within the water colors to create an image. (If this seems confusing, complete the project and then take another stab at the explanation with your Forky in hand.)

Side note: I can't help but imagine a Forky Asks A Question bit where Forky inquires about what Negative Space is! If you haven't witnessed the glory that is Forky Asks A Question on Disney +, take a minute and watch. The bits are usually less than 10 minutes. Disney Plus producers, you have my permission to steal this question for Forky purposes...

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Now, let us continue with our craft!

1- Water Color Paper (or a thicker paper that can handle water colors)
2- Water Colors
3- Blue Painters Tape
4- Forky Materials (For us, we used googly eyes, puffy paint, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks and glue)

Step One: Tape Forky (Mommy Prep)

Unless you have an older kiddo (mine are 5 and 3) then you'll need to complete this first step without your kids. 

Tape a Forky onto the paper using your painters tape.  Don't worry if it takes a few tries to get it right. The great part about blue painters tape is it peals from most surfaces fairly easy! 

For the less crafty folks, this step may seem intimidating, but think of Tape Forky in four different tape shapes. Here's simple three step diagram. (Unfortunately it's probably best to no use as a stencil or cut out since you're working with tape, but hopefully this helps you visualize the shapes needed to create Forky!

Step Two: Water Colors

Once your Forky is on the page, let your kids go crazy with the water colors! The idea here is to paint all of the area around Forky, so his shape really pops once the tape is removed. 

Step Three: Remove tape

Once the page has dried, have your kiddo slowly remove the tape strips. I know this seems like a step for a grown up, but it's great for developing motor skills and allowing your kiddo to participate in the "tape" portion of the project (remember they didn't get to do the initial tape Forky!)

Step Four: Create Your Forky!

Forky is a pretty simple character to create. While I used the following materials to create Forky, you can just as easily create his features using paints, crayons, clay etc. 

Here's his basic features (see the picture for reference):

1) Red uni-brow using puffy paint
2) Googly eyes (for best result use two different sizes)
3) Blue mouth using puffy paint
4) Red arms using pipe cleaners
5) Popsicle stick shoes
6) And don't forget the light blush on his cheeks using water color!

Step Five: Show Off Your Forky!

This easy craft project is simple but combines so many different mediums and elements that it seems so much more complex!

So show Forky off to your friends! No doubt they will be impressed!
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Until Next Time!

Julianne Haness is a stay at home mom, artist and blogger based in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Follow her on Instagram for daily musings about mom life, Disney life and creative life.


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