Apparently, it is all in the blood. And also Aliens!

On to the Second Trimester!

Jarod and I embarked on our second monthly check up today and luckily I was far less stressed out than I was at the first :)

A few updates:

Jarod got his blood taken to test for the CF gene. We should have an update in the next week. My doctor, though, joked that it is highly unlikely that he carries the gene. Stay tuned.

I am officially in the 2nd trimester. Which makes sense since yesterday I made Jarod pull over to the side of the road so I could throw up. (Cherrios are gross coming back up, BTW). I figure it was the first trimester getting at least one good and embarrassing puke out of me. If anything, I do feel like I have more energy these days. I am able to wake up, fully function throughout the day, and then crash around 6 pm. Considering my previous schedule of a mere 2 functioning hours, I think this is progress.

Now back to the blood.

My doctor did inform me that I have AB Negative blood type. She then paused and waited for me to understand. After a moment, I asked, "Is that rare or something?"  She then explained that an RH Negative Blood Type could have a negative effect on the baby. 85% of the world's population is RH Positive, so it is generally assumed that the baby is also RH Positive. If the mother's RH Negative blood were to mix with the baby's, the mother's body could attack the baby, similar to an allergic reaction, causing hemolytic disease, among other things.

Also, yes. AB Negative blood is one of the rarest types of blood. According to the Red Cross, about 1% of Caucasians have AB Negative. This compared to the most common type, which is O Positive, which represents 37% of the Caucasian population, 47% of African America and  59% of the Hispanic population. I'm so unique...

Luckily, science now-a-days is incredible and a simple shot has been developed which prevents the mother's blood from creating the antibodies which attack the baby. All I have to do is get a shot at 28 weeks (to cover the birth of the baby) and again after the birth, and all will be ok. It's not the greatest news in the world, but I'll rest easy knowing science can help me out on this when nature couldn't.

If you'd like to read more about the issue, I recommend this article from 

What's even more interesting...

After googling RH Negative (again with this googling habit, Julianne...) I found an entire subculture of people who believe that RH Negative originates from Alien blood, not human blood.

Their arguments are super compelling. The RH factor was initially discovered through an ape. But this only applies to RH Positive, not negative, so the RH Negative trait must be alien. Most of the RH Negative population originated from the Basque area, which indicates aliens made contact with that area many years ago. Humans are the only species where it is possible for the mother's body to attack the baby, this indicates the mother must not be completely human. All of this research has obviously been studied and proven scientifically throughout the years....

Here is the least  intellectually offensive synopsis of this theory I could find:

There are also a few indicators that you are RH Negative or have "Reptilian" blood. A few of which, I have a few.... dun dun dun...

Low blood pressure - CHECK

UFO connections - There were a few summers in rural Arizona where I SWORE I saw something.

Love of space and science - I painted a space travel mural once, plus I like the Star Wars movies.

A sense of not belonging to the human race - If my grade school diaries indicate anything....

Piercing eyes - What do you think?

Alien contacts (Many Starseeds are RH negative) - This I assume will happen when I'm old and crazy :)

Here's a really long article about my alien ancestry. (A little bit more intellectually offensive...) 

 All Our Love,

Jarod and Julianne


  1. I could be an alien too. I have low blood pressure, love space, and I talk to the stars and sky.


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