On the Brighter Side of Pregnancy

All Smiles Over Here...

My amazing friend, Magdalene, asked me the other day, "Are you enjoying your pregnancy at all?" At first, I was a bit thrown by the question. What do you mean, am I enjoying my pregnancy?!?!?

Of course I am, I'm pregnant.

I'm creating a life.

I'm going to be mom.

I'm full of question and wonder.

But then I thought about it. Have I expressed any of this on my blog?  I've expressed some funny moments, complained a lot  and...no. I tend to focus on the complaints and inconveniences of pregnancy because, well, there's comedy in tragedy. A calm, happy, wishful life does not make an interesting story if movies, TV and books have taught me anything. In fact, it's proven you'll start to lose interest if conflict isn't introduced at least 18% into the program.

But screw it.

I am elated to be growing a life inside of me! Just a few months ago, Jarod and I lived for us, now we live our baby we haven't even met. Every moment I breathe I imagine my child breathing in with me. Breathing in my air, through my lungs. I imagine it dreams the same dreams as me. I imagine it reads my thoughts and even influences them. I imagine it feeling this same connection I can hardly find the words to express.

And it doesn't stop with me. Though Jarod isn't connected to us physically, he is connected emotionally and spiritually. Each morning I wake to him playing a sampling of songs on his guitar dedicated to the baby. I've heard that the baby responds to the father's voice if he speaks to it in the womb. Well, I have a feeling our child will come out understanding chords rather than English and I'm perfectly fine with it. I love the furrowed brow Jarod gets when feels protective over his baby. I love the the swiftness he has when he sees me reaching for something in the top counter. Most of all, I love the kisses he leaves on my stomach throughout the day. I've never been happier to share his love with another soul :)

Thank you, Meg, for reminding me to stop and appreciate, rather than find the irony or comedy in every moment.

Magdalene and I before our journeys into motherhood. 

All Our Love,

Jarod and Julianne


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