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Is kid art creating clutter all over your house? ⁣

Today's blog post is a paid partnership with Artkive Box, but seriously everyone, this is a genius product that solves a problem mom moms have: too much priceless child artwork and not enough space to save it all!

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I'm an artist. I encourage my kids to be artists but let's get real... it's becoming a hot art mess over here! But I can't just throw it away can I? Can you say mom guilt?

I especially have this issue my daughter who creates and creates and creates and expects me to savor every single piece of her artwork! I adore everything she, and know she's destined for a creative life, but I can't hold onto every single thing. My storage capacity has serious limits!

Artkive will help get rid of the clutter and turn all that art into stunning keepsakes!⁣

We received our box earlier this week and the kiddos were immediately intrigued by the box! (Probably the bright colors and chance of something for them inside!) We collected the artwork, followed the instructions for shipping and sent it away! We can't wait to see the perfect little keepsake in return!

A few takeaways that I loved about my box:

1- It's big. You might think that your kids make such large creations that it won't fit in the box. Well I easily fit several 18x24 inch creations in the box!

2- It encourages the kids to draw and create on the actual box! This was the perfect way for the kids to spend their time while I gathered years worth of artwork for the box.

3- It's the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents-- especially if your grandparents are long distance! And as a bonus, you can have your little draw a special picture just for them to include in the book!

How to Get Your Artkive Box!

If you're interested in a box for yourself, it's easy! Just visit their website to request a box, receive the box, fill box with priceless from your little creatives and mail it back (postage paid). You'll receive a keepsake book full of professionally photographed artwork! Say goodbye to that mom guilt!

Enter my promo suburbandisneymom at check out to receive $20 off your Artkive Box! Order your box at!

Artkivebox is a beautiful thing ❤⁣


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