Guess Who's Back!?!

The Blog is Back!

I'm so excited to be behind the keyboard again! I often find myself wishing I hadn't said something but then wishing I had written that one thing down. I often do my best thinking alone in my head so it's no wonder I've been drawn to penned expression since I was a kid. Have you ever been there too?

I started this blog in 2014 when I found out I was pregnant with my first. I was fueled by hormones and the desire to express myself. The content reads like Facebook posts from 2005 (before we all realized what it would become) and love letters to my kids. Some aspiring bloggers might take down the old, less professional work. But hey, if you really want to know what you're getting into by reading my blog, those past posts will define exactly who I am. Take a peak if you dare.

But What is the Blog About Now?

For a long time I assumed that if I enjoyed writing, I must be a fiction writer. This assumption took me through both a bachelor's and master's degree, several attempted novels and kids books and even a vision board. Who knows, maybe one of those is still in my future but for now I think this blog is what I need to be doing. During the last year, I've done the unthinkable (for me at least)... I read several non-fiction books and -- SHOCKER!-- I actually enjoyed them. So am I non-fiction writer? Well, am I writing about the history of a civilization? No, if I'm honest with myself, I mostly like writing about about myself, things I enjoy and those I love.

This blog is my non-fiction. My truth.

Well, it only took one post to sound sound like a hippie. Here's a list for those Type A's out there:

My Loved Ones
My Blogging Journey
Outings with my Kids

That's it. That's what I like, so this is, in all its simplicity, what's you'll get out of my penned expression.

What Do I Plan to Talk About Today?

Mostly just this. The big announcement that I am again drawn to my keyboard. It could be that I my life is far less stressful that it was when I abandoned the blog years ago (a newborn and a 2 year old was A LOT to handle for me) or that I've been home with the kids for a while now and the lure of another load of laundry just doesn't entice like it once did (please read that as "never did.")

Now that I've reeled you in, I'm going to sign off of this post. And yes, I'm going to end this with a glamorous photo of myself vacation in Hawaii earlier this year, but know that I'm about to go hang my clothes on a line in my backyard because my dryer broke this morning.


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