The Big Babymoon Get Away!

 So Jarod and I have always, and will always, be cheapskates....

This is evident in our past vacation histories. A few weekend getaways to Santa Barbara, Vegas and San Francisco pretty sum up our vacationing in the last nine years. Nine years? And no week long, real vacation to speak of. So in February, when we discovered we had a little one one the way, we were determined to do one last pre-baby-hurrah! .

Our trips to said  Santa Barbara, Vegas and San Francisco :)

Our initial thoughts were Hawaii or a cruise, but within weeks of this pregnancy and several depressing days with ice packs on my forehead, we realized too much sun was not something my body could handle. (Not that it ever could, you should see some of the horrific sunburns of days Julianne's days past.)

We then thought, since I'm a huge nerd and would love to see historical sites and museums, that and east coast trip would be best. We'd hit up Washington DC and Boston and really revel in America's history for a week. (Yes, we shared this idea with several people who were less than impressed with the plan. But I'm still aching to one day do the history trip. Only this time, my little one will get to enjoy to the history lesson too :) Anyway, health scares popped up and we decided to wait until they settled down to purchase the plane tickets. By the time they settled, plane tickets were way too expensive for our cheapness.

One of my nerdy days visiting Colonial Williansburg with my family :)

So what to do? Plane trips are absurdly overpriced and out of the question at this point and a beach anything sounds painful to my very sensitive brain. Then randomly, a few weeks ago, after I'd spent far too much time researching a road trip to Monetary Bay, Jarod suggested San Diego. Hmmmmm..... what's in San Diego? Sea World? The San Diego Zoo? Great food? Perfect, I thought. I love animals just as much as nerdy history, and a San Diego trip would be chalk full of animals. We booked the hotel that day.

So now we leave tomorrow. Stay tuned for a recap of the fabulous trip :)

All our love,

Jarod, Julianne and Little Lady R


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