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Yup, these are breast shaped stress balls...

Compliments of the Birthing, Bonding and Breastfeeding Conference I attended last weekend. Yes, I put the censor bar over them (my family reads this blog, people).

My dear friend, T, approached me with an idea a few weeks ago. "Do you want to come with me to a Birthing, Bonding and Breastfeeding Conference?" she asked. Now, I had never heard of such a thing. I know there are lamaze classes (or at least a 21st century reincarnation of lamaze classes), but a conference regarding birthing issues? I was intrigued. "There will be doctors and medical professionals lecturing on the issues of today like breastfeeding, attachment parenting, at home births and vaccinations," she continued.

Sure, why not? I'm pregnant after all. Let's go!

So I hightailed it out to Palm Springs for the weekend to learn everything there is to know about babies and baby accessories. 

The conference would be a long one. 8-5pm, with breaks of course, but for this girl, breaks would be required at least every hour. I packed a lifetime supply of water and snacks in anticipation. Luckily, once we arrived I realized frequent breaks would be required for most everyone there. There were close to 70 attendees and at least half had their babies with them and another quarter were pregnant. I was in my zone.

 T and I at the conference.

Then, almost immediately, I was kicked out of my zone. Just a few tables away, I noticed a young mother begin breast feeding her son. Now I understood that this was a breastfeeding conference and women would most likely be breastfeeding in the open, but never did I expect to see this woman. Her son fed for a while, then he showed no interest whatsoever in the feast she was offering him and backed away. Instead of covering up, she just let it all hang out, for a good ten minutes waiting to see if he would come back for seconds. What ever floats your boat, lady...

"Do you see that lady over there?" T had noticed the same display as me.

Just as our public display of breast conversation began, so did the conference. Most of the speakers were great. Two in particular stood out to me. First, the breast feeding guru who suggested some not so popular techniques and theories for successful breast feeding. Much of her lecture I will try when the time comes. And while I understand that every baby is different and maybe my child will only latch on under severe conditions such as sky diving or snow storms, a lot of what she was saying made sense. Perhaps I need to do a bit more research on the subject or perhaps we've been training young mothers all wrong. I'll know the case if my little lady gives me breast feeding hell.

The other spoke about "Attachment Pregnancy." I've heard of "Attachment Parenting," but not this. Regardless, the Attachment Pregnancy woman spoke of wonderful theories that a child can sense her mother's emotions, thus effecting the child as an adult. For example, a stressed out mom will make a stressed out baby. She also showed a clip of an infant reacting to her mother's current emotional state by crying in the womb. I think this had the biggest effect on me. Now, I don't know if any of this theory is actually the case, but it couldn't hurt to be less stressed out while making my little one. I think I'll give it a shot.

Overall, the conference was lovely and informative and a great first step into this completely unknown world for me.

Before I go, I thought I'd brag a little about my friend T and how she attended this conference. For the last 3 years, she and her incredibly supportive husband, Aaron, have been trying to conceive. Recently, she found out there are some complications to her getting pregnant and has begun fertility treatments. I bring this up because she is the most positive and uplifting person I know. She approached me about attending the conference. She goo goo gaw gawed with every adorable baby there and she kept her smile longer than anyone else there. Through all she has gone through in her path to making a family, she remains happy with a positive outlook. If anyone deserves a family, it's her. If you like, send warm baby thoughts her way so she and I can raise some adorable cherub babies together. I know I do, almost every day :)

All Our Love,

J, J and Little Lady R


  1. I loved reading this my dear and loved going to the conference with you. I can't thank you enough for your unconditional love and support. Reading that last paragraph made me cry. Love you so much!!!


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