The Perks of a Pregnancy Comrade

They say misery loves company... And I recently found that so does pregnancy!

A few years ago, I took my drawing passion to new heights by taking a beginning art class at my local community college. Since I had just moved to Santa Clarita at the time, I had hoped that I would meet at least one person to connect with. But as you can expect, the course was littered with 18 year old kids begrudgingly sitting in a class they thought would be an easy A. There was also and incredibly talented recluse of a 60 year man who had an unhealthy obsession with drawing eagles. Bald eagles, flying eagles, eagles with Native Americans, just endless eagles...

After a week in the course, I had given up hope to find a mid-twenties course taker with just enough spare time to indulge in a little art, like myself. Then one day, I walked into class and my seat was taken. I was forced to sit on the opposite side of the classroom. That day was the I met my comrade, J.

We hit it off immediately, both mid-twenties (now late twenties, yikes!), I had just gotten married, she was about to get married, both ready to settle down. We both had creative streaks and got together outside of class on a few occasions. Then, as it so often happens, once the course was through, our friendship was forced to take a back seat to our busy lives.

Luckily, a few months ago, we randomly connected on Facebook and soon realized that we were both pregnant. Fabulous!

I often find myself wishing I lived closer to my family and now with a baby on the way I think this more than ever. But with a local friend, who is going through the exact challenges I am, at the same time, I feel comforted.

Soon, I convinced her to join me in weekly "Pregnancy Walks" and we've kept up the Friday evening tradition for a few months now. We found a local Middle School with a pleasant little track that was perfect for walking. With Gurley's smiling little face by my side each walk, we're pro at keeping our pregnant little booties in check.

One of our fabulous Pregnancy Walks

There have of course been a few issues in our walking schedule, the main is the fact that summer is now here an our track has been closed off from public use. Our first solution was to squeeze through the opening in the chain link fence. Of course, this was only temporary solution, since our growing bellies- Just. Keep. Growing.

This was evident a few weeks ago when J (who is 4 weeks further along than me) attempted to squeeze through the fence.
Yes, she is aware I took this picture with full intentions to post online ;) 

We quickly concluded a new location was needed after this incident.

For now, we are using a High School track that blatantly states "No Dogs Allowed" upon entry. Since there is a slight chance that Gurley could be mistaken for one of the adorable bunnies roaming the adjacent fields, we've still been bringing her along. No angry janitors have threatened us yet. Do you think she could pass as a seeing eye dog?

Along with our regular walks, we're both still possess our creative streaks, which are now focused on coming up with creative and adorable nursery decorations, naturally. So this weekend we met up to create together. Naturally, we've concluded that we're pretty amazing at crafting and will participate in local crafting fairs to come!

All and all, I highly recommend getting a Pregnancy Comrade to help ease to pregnancy jitters. And yes, I've already decided that our babies will be dating each other before they're out of diapers. (And I fully intend to document this by dressing them up in adorable outfits and taking clever little portraits.)

All our love,

J, J and Little Lady R

PS - Because Gurley also wanted her face in this post. This is how happy she gets when we drive to the weekly walk...


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