5 Quick Tips for Disneyland with Toddlers

Take Your Toddler to Disney.... Go on, I dare you!

Bringing your toddler to any Disney Park shouldn’t be scary! It can be fun (with the right planning and tools of course!)

Listen, I’m not perfect but I do know a thing or two about taking toddlers to the Disney Parks. Most trips it’s just me and my two lovely ones (ages 2 and 5.) I started these trips when my youngest was 6 months old and I was still breast feeding! Every trip is different and every day is new. Some days are easy while some are full of tough moments!

I'm the type of person who learns by doing and boy have I learned a lot during those tough moments, I have a lot to say on this topic, but who has time for a novel when you're preparing to GO TO DISNEYLAND??? 

So here's a quick 5 tips for successfully bringing your kids to Disneyland. This won't be the last Toddler Trip Tip Post, so stay tuned for more in the weeks to come!

Max-Pass is a must! 

But what is it? How much does it cost? Maxpass allows you two very important things:
  • Ability to schedule a fast pass without having to trek to the ride for a paper copy, you do it all from your phone! Basically you’re not wasting your toddler’s patience by wandering all over the park for fastpasses. Can you imagine walking up to It’s a Small World with your toddler, only to tell him that you’re only here for this ticket and we have to come back later? Call me crazy, but I like avoiding tantrums at all cost.
  • Access to all of the photo pass photos taken throughout the day (like this one of my toddler smooching Mickey’s nose.) Photos are uploaded to the app on your phone almost instantly! The Photos quality is better than anything you’ll get with your phone and you don’t have to worry about being a photographer! Plus tag #disneyphotopass when you post and your pic may be featured on their insta!
It's $15 per person per day (you can easily purchase from the Disneyland App once in the park.) If you're using it for the fastpass aspect, you need to purchase for each person in your party. If you only want it for the photos, you only need to purchase for one person in your party, just make sure all the photos are linked to their account.

Maxpass Sounds Great, But Who Can Afford That? 

Already broke the bank to bring your family of four to the parks and can't possibly swing Maxpass? (I get it, you could go on a cruise for that cost!!!) I get you. Luckily the employees at the park are super accommodating and allow you to hand your phone or camera to snap your photo op. Here's a classic example of a cast member using my phone to snap a pic me and Mr Disney himself!

My Toddler is a Runner! He Will Get Lost!

If you're not up for a toddler leash (no judgement here, I get it!) the fact is, your kid may get lost throughout the day. Know that Disneyland has a system in place for all lost child. If your child is missing, report to the nearest cast member, They will assist you and help locate your child immediately. All lost children are taken by a Cast Member to either the Baby Care Centers or the Lost Children facilities in the parks. You'll be reunited before you know it! 

Take advantage of Disney's Rider Switch Program!

Rider Switch is free system where parents can take turns on the attractions when your kid can't or won't ride. It allows parents to essentially wait in line once rather than twice.⁣ (Available at all Disney parks!)

It's simple, notify to a cast member upon entrance that you plan to rider switch. They will provide a special ticket and send you to the correct waiting area while your party is on the ride. Once your party exits, hand the cast member your ticket and go enjoy the ride! You will typically enter the ride through the exit in order to skip the lines (no need to wait again!)⁣

In my case, my husband and 4 year old were able to ride while I waited near the exit with my stubborn toddler. When they were done, my 4 year old was able to ride again with me! Woo hoo!⁣

Bring your own snacks and drinks to the Disney Park! ⁣
YES! You can bring food and drinks into the park! Load up on easy on-the-go snacks like Apple Sauce pouches, Gold Fish and granola bars! I love bringing snacks that will occupy my toddler while we wait in line for rides! ⁣

Also, no alcoholic beverages are permitted in the park (duh?) and no glass containers/bottles, so opt for that swanky metal Hydroflask!⁣

Bonus! Did you know you can refill your water bottles throughout the day? Water fountains are located throughout the parks as well as dedicated water bottle refill stations (like the one found in Belle’s Tavern). Save some money and some sanity while you visit!⁣

So What Have We Learned?

Taking a toddler to Disneyland requires preparation but it's not impossible! Stayed tuned for more tips as I dive into more of my experiences at the Happiest Place on Earth with the Craziest Kiddos on Earth!

Julianne Haness is a stay at home mom, artist and blogger based in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Follow her on Instagram for daily musings about mom life, Disney life and creative life.


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