I Literally Do Not Care

Fair warning, I'm about to get opinionated. 

I read a post on Instagram this morning that isn't sitting well with me. The post was blasting Always for removing the female symbol from the box to promote a more gender inclusive product. The poster demeaned the cause and implied that this is men trying to make female issues their own. It didn't come off as a very nice post. The poster claims to be a good person. I've seen a lot of this in the last month since Always made the big announcement but until I read that post, I hadn't spoken up about it.

Here's what I think: 

I literally do not care if a tampon box has a symbol on it or not.

But some people do. 

No, a person who is born a male is never going to have a period. That's not why the symbol was removed. But a person who was born a female, who is transitioning, might still have a period.

I am a female. I was born female. I have never once looked or even cared about that symbol on the box. And I'll bet that most other women have never cared about that symbol either... until Always removed it and made a big deal about removing it.

But that person I described above, the one in transition? I'm betting every single time they go to the store to buy tampons, they notice the symbol. Maybe it eats away at them, maybe it doesn't, but they notice it. Maybe they wrote to Always about how the symbol is exclusionary maybe they didn't. But every 28 days I bet they're reminded they should.

I was raised to be nice to treat others the way I want to be treated. To live by the golden rule. I would hope that others, who claim to good people, could keep to that rule too. In my book, demeaning a minority on social media is hurtful and contradicts all the "good" that you say you are.

Even if it's a situation you don't understand or agree with. 

So, no. I don't care if a tampon company changes the design of their box.

Nor do I care if someone decides that they want to transition.

Or if someone is gay.

Or if someone is bi-sexual.

Or asexual.

Or pan-sexual.

I don't care if two lesbians decide to start a family.

Or if someone wants to be called by a different pronoun.

Or if a couple is in a poly amorous relationship.

Or if someone is a cis-gender straight person who regularly cheats on their spouse.

I literally do not care about what a person or company does as long as it doesn't negatively affect or harm my family. 

That's it.

So, again, I don't care if a tampon company changes the design of their box... But perhaps next time they can change the design quietly, like companies regularly do, and not attempt a PR move out of it. I'm betting if that's how it had gone down, no one would have even noticed or cared. Because that same person above who noticed the symbol, and then perhaps wrote to Always, now has to read hurtful commentary about it on social media.

I'm sorry if any of this has offended anyone. Just know that I tried my best to stick to the golden rule in this post, even if it's outdated to do so.


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