Jana's Fun Cakes - Small Business Spotlight

Let's get real here, I am a sugar addict... I absolutely love sugar! I don't discriminate-- cakes, cupcakes, cookies-- it's all delicious! Which is why I'm so excited for my next business spotlight: Jana's Fun Cakes!

First let me preface that I have been and will again be a customer of Jana's! Her specialty cake business has been flourishing in our local community for years! I'm somewhat of a cake snob, and Jana's cakes have passed my taste test each and every single time I've enjoyed one!

Now let's dig in!

Jana's Fun Cakes

Jana’s Fun Cakes is a specialty cake and treats service. Jana is a work at home mom, meaning she does all her baking and decorating in her own kitchen! She can and has made almost anything, I dare you to challenge her! From huge wedding cakes, to small smash cakes, cupcakes, all sorts of pops, cookies, etc. All creations can be customized to your liking.

The Woman Behind the Business

I’m Jana! In my late-ish 30's, married to an artist and a mom of two girls. Jana's Fun Cakes helps me stay home and smother my kiddos 24/7. I’m pretty artsy and am usually crafting, reading, sewing or creating something! I started my biz in Los Angeles ten years ago but when I moved up here to Santa Clarita, it really boomed! I’ve been so lucky to be a part of an amazingly supportive mom group who love to chat so the word of mouth has kept me crazy busy!

The Idea

I got started making cakes quite by accident! Ten years ago, as I was helping plan a good friend's 30th birthday party, I volunteered myself to make the cake. "Since he’s a musician, I’ll just make a guitar cake!” I was apparently very, very ambitious, but I pulled it off! From that day on, I was hooked! I dove right into the cake baking and decorating world, and self taught myself everything I know! Thank goodness for YouTube tutorial videos!

The Next Steps

I'm venturing into new territory with my cake classes and birthday party packages. It's a fun twist on a kid's birthday party or a mommy's night in! I recently hosted a "Cakes and Cocktails" evening which was a blast! Not only did everyone do so well (surprising even themselves!) but who doesn't want to sip wine while trying new decorating techniques? Plus at the end of it everyone got to take a whole cake home with them!

Contact Info

Find Jana on Instagram @janas_fun_cakes (direct link below) or follow her hashtag #janasfuncakes

If you're interested in hiring Jana for a party or customized cakes, be old fashioned and use a phone! (714) 717-0167


(714) 717-0167

Julianne Haness is a stay at home mom, artist and blogger based in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Follow her on Instagram for daily musings about mom life, Disney life and creative life.


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