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There's been a lot of talk about supporting small businesses over the past decade. Small Business Saturday is a national But let's be honest, here in the Santa Clarita Valley we love our Targets, Costcos and Amazons. I'll admit that I tend to stick to the same 5 stores, order online when all else fails and rarely venture into new territory. 

I need to get out more... to local small businesses!!! 

That's why I'm starting this SCV Small Business Spotlight, to hopefully spread the word on some of the great locally owned businesses in our valley, but also to experience these businesses first hand!

If you're interested in being featured as a local Small Business, please feel free to Email Me directly!

This week's small business is a personal friend of mine, so I've not only experienced her product first hand, but also watched her business grow from a spark to a flame in the the last 6 months!

Looking to make that first birthday extra special? You need to look into Vintage High Chair Rentals!

Vintage High Chair Rentals

Just a few of the available styles and colors

Vintage High Chair Rentals specializes in renting adorable vintage high chairs for baby's first birthday photo sessions, baby's first birthday party or that coveted smash cake session! Many have also used them as props at a baby shower or a gender reveal party. And may I add, that red chair would look great in a family Christmas card!!!

The collection of styles and colors is ever growing! I recently attended a party which had rented the cutest violet chair, which fit perfectly with the unicorn theme (unicorn themed parties are everywhere these days! All the high chairs are food-safe and include a modern safety strap. 

The Woman Behind the Business

Meghan at her daughter's first birthday party

I'm Meghan! I am a stay at home mom of 3  beautiful (but ever so exhausting) children ages 4, 2 and 5 months. Prior to having kids I was a flavor chemist and made flavors for food and beverages for 8 years. I quit my job to move up to Santa Clarita with my husband and start a family. As much as I love being home with my children, I really began to lose myself. Not having any “me time”, always putting the needs of my children first, it’s a tough job. 

When I came up with the idea for my high chair rentals, I became obsessed with having something of my own. Doing something for me that didn’t involve my children! It’s really great that I can be home taking care of my children, and still run my business at the same time. In my “free time” I enjoy working out and running. It helps keep me sane! 

 The Idea

My mother held onto my childhood high chair and I always knew I wanted to use it for my daughter’s first birthday party. I was fortunate that after sitting in the garage for over 30 years it was still in good condition, it just needed a little TLC. After several hours of sanding and painting, it was revitalized into a beautiful piece of vintage furniture, which was begging to be used again.

The response I received from our guests when they saw the vintage high chair was overwhelmingly positive and in fact, people asked if they could use it for their child’s smash cake pictures as well! That’s when the idea for Vintage High Chair Rentals officially began.

Contact Info: 

We can’t wait to celebrate with you and have our vintage high chairs be a part of your family memories forever!

Phone: (949) 351-1532
Reviews: Yelp


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