Disneyland's Max Pass is Worth it Every Time

Truth bomb: I promised myself that I would would post on the blog every Monday-Wednesday-Friday in 2020. Every single MWF. Do not miss a day. And here I am, on the second day of that promise, packing up the for a trip to Disneyland tomorrow...which is a Wednesday. Ugh. Preparation is key here people and I have done no such preparing. 

That being said and with Disneyland clearly on my brain, I'll keep this post very straight forward, simple and to the point. 

Max Pass at Disneyland is worth it every single time

The Max Pass allows you two very important things: ⁣⁣
1- The ability to schedule a fast pass without having to trek to the ride for a paper copy. Instead, you do it all from your phone! I recently visited Disneyland with my cousin (who had never been) and we had a short 6 hours to fit in as much as we could. I'm so glad we purchased Max Pass because the fast pass aspect allowed so many more rides and experiences in that short time! ⁣⁣
2- It grants you access to all of your Photo Pass photos taken throughout the day (like this one of Minnie Mouse and I.) Not familiar with Photo Pass? It's just the fancy name for those photographers you find throughout theme parks that you actively avoid. No need to avoid Photo Pass employees when the photos are free (with Max Pass of course.) Photos are uploaded to the Disneyland app on your phone almost instantly! 

Max Pass is $15 per person per day (you can easily purchase from the Disneyland App once in the park.) If you're using it for the fast pass aspect, you need to purchase for each person in your party. If you only want it for the photos, you only need to purchase for one person in your party, just make sure all the photos are linked to their account 👍⁣⁣

If you need further proof of the value of Disney Photo Pass, please note the vast difference between these two photos. One, a Disney Pass Photo taken of Minnie, my cell phone and myself, the other is the actual cell phone selfie. These photos are like night and day. And sure, you may think that my cell phone must be a piece of work, then yes you are correct, but their equipment is still probably better than yours and taking 10,000 selfies in a day is boring anyway. Embrace the Photo Pass service that available to you, friends! 

Now get out there and go to Disneyland!

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