Ten *Better* New Years Resolutions

So, we're nearly a week into the new year, the champagne bottle is empty and the confetti has been vacuumed... and I'm finally picking up the pen again (keyboard if you will.) So here we go...

I see fitness goals (lose 10lbs, look good in a bikini, etc) plastered all over social media during the month of January as if fitness is the sliced bread of personal reformation.

Well, I'm here to tell you it's not.

Don't get me wrong, fitness is important. It's as important in October as it is in January, but if you're struggling in other areas of your life, your fitness goal will fail. Why is this? When we're not happy, or we're stressed, or we're angry, those emotions take precedence over our aspirations. This is not just limited to fitness, my friend. If you set a goal for yourself You. Will. Fail. unless you are fully prepared to succeed (the best way to succeed is to utilize the SMART system of goal setting. Here's a link to that info if you're serious about your goals this year.)

But how do you get to that point?

"Self Care" has been the buzzword the past few years but what exactly is "Self Care?"  I define Self Care as taking the time to do things that make you happy, make you relaxed and make you feel recharged. This can be something small and simple like using an expensive body scrub in the shower or waking up and hour before your family so you can enjoy a cup of HOT coffee in silence (I enjoy both of these!)

Now, I DO NOT know everything about self care. I'm constantly not getting enough sleep, not eating right, and not getting enough me time. I'm a mom so I take what I can get.

But I do know the first step to Self Care is taking that first step.

And there's no better time to take that first step than in the New Year right?

So here's a list I came up with of ten *better* resolutions than "losing weight."

10) Read One Self Help Book Per Month

Listen, I get it. Finding the time to read in today's world is next to impossible. Schedules fill up fast and soon that book you initially dove into is collecting dust on your nightstand. The down and dirty answer to this is audio books. Audio books, nowadays, are just essentially podcasts in long form and are easier to access and cheaper than ever. So there really is no excuse. If you're not reading (or listening) you're not improving yourself. Let's focus on improving ourselves.

9) Take a Bath Once a Week

One of the little leisures in life that is so simple and so easy. Bonus! No better time to listen to an audio book than in the bath with a glass of wine and a jasmine bath bomb, ladies!

8) Learn a New Recipe Every Week

Maybe this one is just for me, but do you ever feel like you're stuck in a recipe rut? Have I been making the same 5 dinners for the last 5 years? Maybe. Do I enjoy all of them? Mostly, as long a food fatigue doesn't set in. Maybe this resolution means you sign up for one of those recipe delivery services like Hello Fresh, or maybe it means you actually break open one of those dusty cook books that's been sitting in your cabinet for ten years. Whatever the method, just make it happen. (Just make it happen, Julianne...)

7) Invest in You

For me, this is a photography class offered through my city. I see a gap in my photography skills (even with my artist's eye) and know that this will help the overall look of this site. The better my site looks, the more I appear to be an expert right? Plus this is a class where I get to leave my perfect, adorable, loving family AT HOME and learn something that is valuable to me. See where I'm going with this? Yeah, but I'm not interested in photography and I don't have the money to take a class! I get it! Find a class that interests you! Have you always wanted to learn real estate? art? self defense? There's something out there for everyone! And, I'll let you in on a little secret right now, the Internet exists! I know, crazy! Pop over to YouTube and search your class idea. Literally everything exists on YouTube these days and is free to access!

6) Plan a Family Outing Once Per Month

Self Care isn't always about spending time by yourself, doing your own thing. Sometimes it's about spending time with those you love and bonus if it's in a fun exciting environment! Go to the zoo, a theme park, the beach, on a hike, to the movies, endless possibilities here! Not all of these places have to be expensive either! Just the other day, I loaded up the family and took a day trip to Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles (click the link to find out more about this experience!) A completely FREE park that hosts dozens of retired trains. It's a brilliant day trip if you have a young train enthusiast in the house (enter my 2 year old son!)

5) Meditate

I am not the best at meditating. In fact, I'm that person that always wants some sort of noise on in the background because if I am alone in my head I will have to eventually write my thoughts down (hence the blog.) But luckily there are apps available these days that can take the mediating novice to a fully a enlightened pro in no time. I personally have the Insight Timer on my phone and it's great. Full of options from beginner to pro and from 5 minutes to hours on end. If you're interested in mediation at all, this is your first step.

4) Write in a Journal Every Morning

Journaling isn't like it used to be when you were a kid, ladies! Gone are the days of recapping our days and doodling hearts around our crushes names. There are motivational journals, inspirational journals, self discovery journals, the possibilities are endless! Dive into the selection on Amazon and see what I mean.

3) Create a Vision Board

Sure this is a one time goal instead of a on-going goal like the rest of the bunch here, but vision boards are so so so important to keep your head in the right place and the best part is YOU create the vision board so you choose where you want that head of yours to be. The next step is to HANG YOUR VISION BOARD in a place you will see it, every single day, hopefully in the morning so you feel that boost of serotonin as you prepare yourself for a busy day. I created my vision board this time last year and hung it in my closet, so every morning when I get dressed, there it is. And do you know what happens every time I see it? I'm reminded of my purpose and then I smile. If anything, that morning smile has started my day on a positive note. That to me is worth it.

2) Spend 20 Minutes Outside Every Day

I could spend some time finding all the ZILLIONS of articles discussing the health benefits of spending time outside, but as long as you haven't been living under a rock, you're probably aware of the benefits too. I set this goal for myself this time last year and found that sleeping and smiling come easier when I spent some time outside

1) Workout 

OMG I am so annoying right? I just blasted fitness throughout the entire first half of this article and now I'm arguing to get your workout on, girl! The main difference is I'm not arguing that you need to change your body, or lose weight, or look good in a bikini. I'm arguing that you move your body. Go for a walk, or a bike ride, spend time doing Yoga or Pilates, join a community softball or soccer team. Exercise for fun and gift it to your body. Thank your body for the ability of exercise. DO NOT treat it as a punishment. If you get up and move daily, you'll be a happier, healthier, better equipped version of yourself and that is the goal of exercise, not what the scale says. I keep a very regular 4 day per week workout schedule that I DO NOT BREAK unless I'm actively sick... and can I tell you a secret right now? I haven't stepped on a scale in over a year. I literally have no idea what I weigh... and this is one of those times I am so happy to be ignorant because I am healthy and that's what matters, not a number. (If you're interested in my inspiration to ditch the scale, check out the @I_weigh on Instagram.)


Start a blog!

If you are a creative person with something to say, blogging may the best resolution for you! Hell, this is my resolution after all. Sure, I've blogged in the past, but my resolution is to TAKE THIS BLOG SERIOUSLY. How will I do this? One way I plan to be a seriously blogger is to post consistently. Monday-Wednesday-Friday is my posting schedule for 2020. Another is to pitch articles to media outlets and to see myself published on a highly trafficked website by March of this year. (See how my goals are sticking to the SMART Goals???)

Wish me luck!

I wish you luck for your resolutions!

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