The Best Disneyland Hack You'll Ever Find!

Every time I log onto Facebook, I see a sweet, curious, but ultimately naive mom asking for advice on taking her family to Disneyland. (I don't know what Social Media circles you follow, but for me this is absolutely true. Every. Single. Time.) Tons of suggestions soon follow from "bring snacks" to "bring a double stroller" to "Disneyland has water fountains! Did you know that?" 

While all these are very valid points, my go to, never fail me, Disneyland Hack of 2020 is:


Like seriously, you should have downloaded the damn thing years ago. 

So much exists in the app that it deserves its own article. So here it is, folks. An article outlining just a few of my favorite things about the Disneyland App. 

1) Skip The Lines!  

Before you even set foot in the happiest place on earth, you're expected to wait in a line!? The audacity! 

Next time skip the lines and purchase your tickets through the app. You can purchase your entire party's tickets through the app on one single phone. Also, you don't need to print a thing, just scan your ticket at the entrance gates via the app and you're set! Keep in mind that discounted tickets are not available through the app.⁣

2) ⁣Plan Your Entertainment!

So you're in the what? Open up your app and plan your day! The app homescreen lists park hours and by clicking "Today's Showtimes" all Spectaculars, Parades and Shows will be listed with their times and locations. 

This can come in handy for two reasons, if you're like me you immediately decide which of these to attend, if you're the opposite, you plan your rides to coincide with these events (you're typically going to see shorter wait times during parades and shows.)⁣

This feature will also notify you if a show or parade has been canceled (rain would likely be the culprit.)⁣

Both Fantasmic and World of Color require Fastpass selection to attend. You'll need to snag these at the beginning of your day! (Click the event to find out where Fastpasses can be found in the park.)⁣

3) Know What You're Getting Yourself Into

Wait times got you down? It always helps to know what your commitment is beforehand! So pop open your app and browse the rides in the map feature! Rides are listed under their wait times which makes your next attraction decision a little easier! (For me, long wait times feel impossible in the hot weather!)⁣

Extra tip! Snag a fastpass for a nearby ride so you can hop right on once you're done with your first ride!⁣

Another great feature! Each ride summary lists the height requirement, so anyone with littles will know if their kids are able to ride beforehand. So much easier to tell them they can't ride the roller coaster in the car, rather than two feet away from the entrance! 

4) Stalk Your Favorite Characters!

Literally everything is included in the handy-dandy app map including your favorite characters, where you'll find them, and what time you'll find them! 

The time frames listed in the app may be super short (some are 5 minutes!) This means the line will be open for that duration of time and will then be closed off by a cast member. As long as you make it in line before it closes then you will meet the character! (So be quick!)⁣

Keep in mind that there are often characters roaming throughout the park that aren't listed in the app. (I always consider those a bonus!)⁣

5) Mobile Order Will Save Your Sanity!

Friends, if you haven't tried Mobile Order yet then you haven't really lived! (If this sounds dramatic, then you've never Mobile Ordered...)⁣ Mobile Order saves you the little sanity you have left after hours at Disneyland with your kiddos and, hey, you might actually enjoy a meal with them! 

It's so simple, open the app and browse the Dining section. The phone icon indicates mobile ordering. Click the icon, select a pick up time and place your order! When you're ready, check in on the app and wait for your food at the indicated mobile ordering area (don't worry, there's signs.) If it sounds too easy, that's because it is!⁣

My favorite mobile ordering hot spot is the Old Fashioned Hand Scooped Ice Cream shop on Main st. There's always a line out the door in that place! And then I waltz right in front of everyone and pick up ice cream for my haaangry kids. Folks, this is what dreams are made of!⁣

6) The Last Map You'll Ever Need

Ever wonder where the restroom is? Where the baby station is located? Where to find a defibrillator in case of emergency?
The "Guest Services" section of the app lists everything in this picture and far more including stroller rental, family restrooms, handicapped access, single rider, ride switch and more! 

7) Max Pass! 

I love Max Pass so much I wrote a completely separate article about it! Check it out here:

Disneyland Max Pass is Worth it Every Time!

There's so much more to the App, this article merely skims the surface! My best advice to you is to download the App prior to your visit and poke around in it for a while to familiarize yourself with all the features!

So best of luck on your next trip! And, as always, remember to pack snacks!

Julianne Haness is a stay at home mom, artist and blogger based in the Los Angeles Suburbs. Follow her on Instagram for daily musings about mom life, Disney life and creative life.


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