Baby's First Selfie

Today was our first big check up and ultra-sound and I must already be a hormonal wreck. We both concluded the appropriate song to belt out on the drive to the doctor's office was "Circle of Life" from the Lion King Soundtrack. While Jarod laughingly sang the intro in a language all of America has yet to decipher, tears started rolling down my face. This sensation isn't new to me, I've been crying during Country songs, Kleenex commercials and Disney movies since my early twenties.

It may have been my already established hormones, but the actual appointment was a bit overwhelming. There were seemingly 100's of pamphlets, books, flyers, disorders to check for and appointments to schedule. Luckily, I had my wonderful man by my side holding my hand and cracking inappropriate jokes to make smile.

The doctor's method of delivering news or information As Jarod noted after our checkup, "It seemed like she was always about to deliver bad news." Thankfully, no bad news was actually delivered, but Jarod did get the privilege of experiencing a "female checkup" in person (ladies, you know the awkwardness I speak of...) 

 In hindsight, the doctor was FAR more pleasant than the ultra-sound technician, who started our appointment by threatening to kick Jarod out of the room. APPARENTLY, you can't take your own video or pictures, as displayed by a sign, right next to Jarod's head. Despite the technician's apparent bad day, both our hearts skipped a beat when heard our baby's heart beat for the first time. 160 beats per minute. Check out the pictures below, I think we have the next big baby model on our hands. Grape Baby is so hot right now...
Baby's Magnum Pose

Baby's Blue Steel Pose

After an appointment that seemed to extend all morning, Jarod treated me brunch . We both ordered crab/avocado omelets, which were delightful, but the real icing on the cake was the nutella crepe that we shared for dessert! (Yes, dessert after brunch is perfectly acceptable...)

All our love,

Jarod and Juels


  1. I am so glad that your man is taking such good care of you!


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