Medical Update

The Good News
 I received a call from my doctor late last week. She confirmed that my hemoglobin count was high due to dehydration. This small bit of news was definitely a relief!

The So-So News
She then went on to confirm that I do carry the CF gene. At this point, all this means is Jarod has to come into my appointment with me on Monday (May 5th) and have his blood tested. For a baby to be affected by Cystic Fibrosis, both parents have to carry the CF trait. Again, the chances of him carrying the gene are slim. According to "Your Pregnancy, Week by Week" by Glade B Curtis, "Whites have a 3% chance of carrying the CF gene; Hispanics have a 2% chance..." Since Jarod is about half of each, that leaves his chances of carrying the CF around 2.5%, though it's also important to remember he has no known family history of the disease, unlike myself.

I will keep everyone posted on the results!

All our Love,

Jarod and Julianne


  1. Let me know when you get his test results back.. Hope the doctors appointment goes well


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