Super Scientific Baby Sex Tests

Over the weekend, Jarod and I conducted the definitive old wives baby sex tests. These tests have proven time and again to be 100% accurate. Time to start painting the nursery ;)

The Chinese Baby Calendar Results Are In! It's a Boy!

The Chinese calendar calculates the baby's sex by looking at both the mother's birthday and  either the due date or the conception date. With a few possible conception dates, we tried several dates. Officially, the baby's sex has a 66% of being a boy.

The Ring Test Results Are In! It's a boy who's musically inclined!

The ring test is an old wives tale that tells you if your baby is a boy or a girl depending on what your wedding ring does when you hold it over your pregnant belly. If the ring circles the belly, it's a boy, if it swings side to side, it's a girl.

This one took a while to work. Supposedly, you should use a thread or necklace to hold the ring, where we used ipod ear phones. After about 20 seconds of stillness, the ring began circling my belly. I think this also proves that our son loves music, or just my super awesome ipod mix.

All our love,

Jarod and Juels


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