Hemoglobin Hang-Up

 It's All in the Blood

I've considered, nearly every possible ailment that could affect myself, by unborn baby, my husband, my dog, etc.-- or at least I thought I had. My number one concern I've had since I was young was the possibility that my child could have Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic fibrosis is a disease passed down through families that causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body.  My family is not only carriers of the ailment, my aunts, who I unfortunately never had the privilege of meeting, both passed from CF long before I was a twinkle in anyone's eye. Though drastically improved in the years since my aunts were alive, the typical life expectancy of CF patients is much shorter than the average life.

 A picture of my dad and his beautiful sister,  Debbie.

So naturally, when my doctor asked if there were any tests I wanted to consider, I jumped at the chance to know if I too carried the gene that could pass CF along to my baby.

When I received a call from the doctor requesting a call back, I prepared Jarod for the possibility that he too would have take the CF test to see if he carried the gene. Never did I expect the news that my blood was overpowered by Hemoglobin.

Typically, women, especially pregnant women, are afflicted with the exact opposite of an excess amount of Hemoglobin. This is known as Anemia. In my lifetime, what seems like hundreds of women, have told me they are anemic. I must be special ;)

Not exactly. Almost immediately after speaking with my doctor, I googled High Hemoglobin Count -- which I don't recommend anyone ever do. It essentially means I either have a failing heart or failing lungs, and either way I'm not getting enough oxygen in my blood.

Or I'm just dehydrated.

Naturally, I panicked. With the aid of the internet, I was able to locate random articles, from the mid nineties, attributing high hemoglobin counts to just about every baby ailment in existence. The 90's were a paranoid time, man.

Luckily, my man, again, brought me back to earth. He treated me to lunch and calmed my nerves. He then reminded me that I have been working out consistently since I was 10 and have never had any trouble with shortness of breath or feeling faint. He then also reminded me that the day before having my blood drawn, we were living the high life at a Calabasas poolside, sun bathing and swimming all day.

I think dehydration was the culprit. 

Since my discussion with the doctor, I have downed what seems like 3 gallons of water daily. My second test went much smoother than the previous, which leads me to believe I am correct with my dehydration diagnosis. Though I have not yet gotten confirmation from my second test taken earlier this week, I'm at ease in hoping nothing was truly wrong. I do know, though, that in the future, I will require more shade for this pale skin when hanging around that poolside this summer.

I also haven't gotten the results of the CF test back yet, though I highly doubt that Jarod is also a carrier of gene, so we really have nothing to worry about. I will be sure to keep you all updated.

All our love,

Jarod and Julianne


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